Saturday, 3 March 2018

Dear Agatha LOYALISTS; You've been DUPED!

Thanks for NOTHIN', BITCH! 

And so you have!

   THINK about it, okay?  If you are a christie loyalist specifically because of Poirot, then you've been Royally CHEATED;   Singing the praises of a woman who deeply regretted creating the character she's still being lauded for.  How's that for a whole lot of wasted time!?
    Come on! You know the rant.  I've recited it often enough! How does an author spew animosity like that at a character and still have an audience for him?! Or an audience at ALL?!

   Did Arrogant Agatha submit any articles to British Newspapers, about the Blitzgrieg on London?  Did she have anything comparably unkind to say about the Hitler, who'd ordered his military air force to bomb London into rubble?  How about the other world dictators, who marched across the world stage, in the two major wars she'd lived through? Or did the atrocities, carried out by the third Reich, et al, pale into insignificance when weighed against the eccentricities of a very tidy Belgian detective with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?๐Ÿค”

   Oh Yes, I'm sure many a Jewish family worried themselves sick at nights; wondering how Agatha coped with her burden of dealing with someone so utterly irredeemable as Hercule Poirot!  Next to him, Hitler was a pretty stand-up guy!  At least he wasn't re-arranging people's mantle-piece ornaments! He was merely ordering the murder of millions of civilians by various barbaric methods. No biggie!

Beloved character
waste of time and money? 
    Sorry, but  Stupidity brings out my sarcastic side!

   At the end of the day, I'll just ask  an obvious question, for which hard-core CHRISTIE LOYALISTS can't bring themselves to answer;

    WHY waste good time and money on a character his own author couldn't stand?   


   Come on, huh?!  If Agatha was so wonderful, surely you can think of SOMETHING to say in her defense! Your silence has been deafening!  If she's right then why did she even bother frittering away her time and YOURS on this vile waste of creative effort?  Of course money was a factor.  Arrogant Agatha wanted the money readers were willing to shell out for Poirot novels, and so she  humored the people who were putting a roof over her head,  and spent time with someone she would have preferred solitary confinement over;  given the choice.

   Mind you , (at least for me) , NO amount of money is worth doing something you despise (a job you don't want but NEED) . Even WORSE;  being with someone you can barely tolerate spending a meal time with! And YET, for reasons I'll never comprehend, christie afflicted herself with this undesirable individual for years. Even more bizarre, she CREATED  (for sake of making the point) the undesirable person she shackled herself to, for years, in the name of fame and royalty checks.

   HER fault,  NOT Poirot's!  Once again, it should be pointed out;  if you take christie's side, then Poirot is not to be bothered with. In fact, this point  goes to the very heart of my animosity against the woman.  Attempting  to make a hero out of a character who was so despised by his own author is an exercise is cognitive dissonance. See also:  Orwellian Double-Think ;  Holding two opposing views at the same time and maintaining that each of the opposing views is equally true.

   IF Poirot is every bit as DETESTABLE as Christie's diatribes against him assert, then the question needs to be asked, once again;  WHY  does Poirot have a fan base at all?  Why do his novels continue to have a readership?  Why was the series so successful?  WHY is this 'DETESTABLE''Conceited creep'  still getting press and movies where Agatha's favorite fictional daughter,  Jane Marple isn't?  Least ways, not since the series finished filming (2013) ???  I don't get it!

   On the other hand, what if St. AGATHA  (all hail HER BITCHNESS!)  was WRONG and Poirot did NOT deserve the revulsion she showed to him?  What would that do to your view of the woman who maligned that character and yet expected readers to fork over money to read stories of a character she wished she'd never created/ remodeled/plagiarized.  That is a betrayal of her readers! 

   Answer up,  Agatha LOYALISTS!  And remember, if an author can't be held responsible for  what a character says, (per: Truman Capote)   then a character cannot be held responsible for what his author does

   No child  is responsible for bringing themselves into the world. That goes for characters!  If the author does not think carefully about the sort of character she can properly tolerate and even enjoy for for the sojourn of that character's life, then the character cannot be held responsible.

Sorry Agatha, but I like him.
{Actually, I'm NOT sorry I like him!}