Thursday, 26 October 2017

Betrayed! //The Plot to Kill Agatha Christie

  I've said it before and I will say it again;  I LOVE fan fiction!
  And in the case of the most creative writing effort, I've finally figured out how to confront Hercule Poirot's most formidable enemy;  Code Name: Aggie

   I'm currently working on the notes for Now and Forever                 ( Poirot and Virginie's love story)  Now and Forever  ; based on the  Poirot episode,  The Chocolate Box In this drama , I will give to Poirot the love story Agatha denied him.  My only concern is how to write the wedding night scene. How much  of  the ...intimate details to include.  Do I have the bedroom door close behind them and then have them awakened from wedding night intimacy by the sound of a thunderstorm, I go into some detail, if only in poetic language?

Future husband & wife
        I  don't want to write a tawdry sex scene.  Sex is physical.  'Mechanical' .  Making love, on the other hand,  is spiritual. Emotional.  I wanted to give Poirot and Virgine their wedding night and their story;  with all the joy and tragedy that was part of the human experience.  It's odd to want  'tragedy'  for someone, and I don't want that tragedy anymore than other fans would. It's just the way life seems to go, for couples who love each other so much.  Besides which,  much of what I have in mind for their love story  will  (in my way of seeing it)  have a huge impact on the way we see Poirot now. Tragedy shapes people in different ways.  Sometimes, the control people feel the need to possess, in various aspects of their lives,  comes from the lack of control they had (or didn't have) in a vital point in their lives. 

   The point is, Poirot and Virgine WILL have their  love story.  The estate of agatha christie may have forbidden the series writers from permitting Poirot a measure of happiness, but I'm not obligated to that estate. 

    Describing  my issues with Agatha Christie in a single word, I would have to say that I feel utterly BETRAYED as a reader.  Where I started off listening to John Moffatt's Poirot on dramatic audio stories, now I can't even listen to those simply because I don't trust her and I HATE that I can't trust an author where the treatment of her own character is concerned. Pretty damn sad, it you ask me!

   And that's when it dawned on addition to being nasty to Poirot,  Agatha was also hypocritical with her readership.   She expected fans to shell out money to read stories of a character she wouldn't have paid to read, if she had to, because she didn't like the character.  


That said, we come to the reason I wanted to write this post in the first place.  (I knew I'd get to the point eventually.)   
   Even in the midst of the constant griping, sniping and whining, I've been doing, I've also been exploring ways of facing off against Agatha. 

Remind you of anyone? 

Question; HOW do I go about it?  

    When I began toying with the idea, I was playing with Kevin Elyot's red herring in Curtain ; where Judith Hastings could possibly be X or an accomplice with him.  Enticing Judith with a temptation that catered to her views and convictions , Norton would convince her to kill Poirot by drugging his hot chocolate with an OD of Veronol.  Hastings (accidentally) hands the finger-printed cup to the police and Judith swings for the death of her  adopted 'uncle'.

   WHY Judith, you ask?  🤷  At the time, she was the closest connection to Agatha. She was talking about bumping off the old and the ill and Poirot fit the bill both times. He was seventy or so and suffering from Angina.   And the fact that agatha hated Poirot connected them (Agatha and Judith).   For the time being, that was the nearest I came to 'killing'  Poirot's most formidable enemy.

   At first I liked the idea, but then I found out about Ariadne Oliver's connection to Christie, and, by and by,  I decided that I didn't want to mess with Kevin Elyot's efforts.  Yes, I wanted to give Poirot a decent funeral, just not at the expense of an already-good story (See also;  screenplay/movie)   With that,  I shelved the idea of the  *Curtain*   fan fiction adaptation and pondered how to bring Poirot and his supposed friend/mystery writer to the point of a confrontation.

    I found it. AGGIE .  Read what I've written so far. I assure you, more is coming.  The 'moral' connective between Ariadne Oliver and Aggie is unfortunate because, for a while, I liked Ariadne.  However, the more thought I gave that venomous tirade of Christie's, the more Ariadne's snipes at Poirot bothered me.  

  At the end of  The Third Girl,  Ariadne snits  about how Poirot made the discovery of Norma Resterick's real tormentors, and  I swear, I wanted to pitch the bitch off that balcony soooo bad!!!  And yet, scenes like this show Poirot fans  the REAL Agatha Christie; and it is anything BUT a pretty picture.  For all her griping about Poirot's conceit   ,  Ariadne Oliver is  Agatha's  ARROGANCE , on full display!  Authors who live in glass publishing houses, Agatha, should NOT throw stones! 

   Like her real life accomplice, Ariadne is a mystery writer, whose Finnish detective gets little respect from Mrs. Oliver.  Sound familiar?!?! Yup.  As well,  Poirot respects Ariadne and would never think her capable of anything underhanded, let alone what she ends up doing!    

   Without doubt, the revelation will anger Agatha Loyalists as well as Ariadne Oliver fans. "NO! She would NEVER do THAT!"  they would exclaim.   Yes, she would.  Given the proper incentive,  Mrs. Oliver would find her  'Inner Agatha'  and sacrifice her 'friendship'  with Poirot to get it;  letting loose Agatha's infamous diatribe in the process.  Thus, Poirot will die,  with that hatred against him branded on his memory.  

   Thankfully,  justice will have its day, and creative vengeance will be mine!  While I can't tell Agatha Christie off, personally,  I can do the next best thing and take it to her fictional double. 

   In a movie called, 'Murder by the Book' ,  Peggy Ashcroft, as Agatha Christie says, "Jane (meaning MARPLEnever gave me this trouble."  

   If this is the way Agatha  treated her characters, (favoring one against the other)  it is this blogger's deepest HOPE that she only had one child, because I shudder to think what heartache the unwanted son would endure. 💔😢  That Poirot dies, (in my story) recalling the hateful words of a trusted 'friend'  is a harsh reality, but it is, in fact, reality.  
   Agatha loyalists balk at my wanting Poirot and Virginie to have a love story;  insisting  that life doesn't always come with a happy ending,  even in fiction.  Do they prefer the reality of having a character die with the knowledge that his writer wished she'd never created him?  Remembering who Ariadne Oliver represents, that's  next door to what she told Poirot.  It is for THAT reason that I cannot WAIT to HANG Ariadne Oliver!