Sunday, 17 September 2017

Clearing the Decks {Making difficult decisions} // Treading old Ground

  After spending months in a literary and emotional quagmire,  I've come to some difficult decisions and already acted on the first; tossing a couple of pro-agatha publications into the recycling box.  

    I continue to puzzle over how people can take two diametrically opposing sides at the same time, but I'm seeing it in people who insist that, in affect, you can be in favor of the abused child and yet take the side of the abuser simultaneously.  ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿคท  Readers sing a.c's praises like she wrote the Bible and YET claim they are also Poirot fans;  in a word; IMPOSSIBLE.  As I said, it's like taking sides with the child who is (verbally and emotionally)  abused while also defending one doing the insulting and maligning of said child.

 I spent nearly a year with a character I've grown very attached to, and half that time, sadly, was spent trying to extricate him from the clutches of a cruel 'creator' . I may well continue that, by way of posting my fan-fiction, because too many writers say, FINISH  IT, even if it feels like you're, to quote Stephen King,  "Shoveling shit from a sitting position"  ,  and I don't think I'm doing that.  I just hate that I've wasted half a year , give or take, trying to save a good guy character from a woman who so many think was sinless, while she made the poor man feel like something she scraped off the bottom of her shoes.  
Poirot:  ๐Ÿ‘ผgood
Evil ๐Ÿ˜ˆ ??

  The series, and movies have done a lot to help undo Bitch Christie's damage.  On the other hand, while she has any hold on the poor Belgian, even from beyond the grave,  the respect paid to Poirot, by Brian Eastman, Michelle Buck, Damien Timmer, a host of  talented writers and directors, and, of course, David Suchet, is almost contradicted, every time that woman's name appears above his,  in a possessive sense.  Tragic irony, lost on these poor deluded souls, was that she didn't want him. ๐Ÿ˜ญ .  Poirot was a CASH COW to the apathetic novelist, and no more.  If Poirot was a singer, I'd say that Agatha treated him the way Ethel Gumm treated her famous daughter, Judy Garland; even going so far as to get her an illegal abortion because having a baby would get in the way of Judy's career, which would take a bite out of Ethel's income.  Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch of the West) was kinder to Judy than her own mother was!  How's that for bitter irony?
    Likewise, I hope my  fan fiction works some magic,  to give Hercule Poirot  a decent life...complete with the facets that he was deprived of, by a woman who should have stuck to her 'day job' in nursing and left writing to authors who might actually care and cry when their characters come to the end of their natural story span/life.   

    Then again, I wonder why I'm bothering.   And then I realize why.  For me.  

   See, writing is a bit selfish.  When you tell stories, the first person you hope to entertain, encourages, enlighten, etc, is yourself.  Which makes a.c.'s writing Poirot stories make even LESS sense.  First, she didn't care for him. Not the way ....nowhere NEAR in fact,  the way David Suchet and the creative team of the series cared for the dear fussy fella. Second,  as was mentioned, writers write, first,  for themselves. When writing becomes drudgery; something you'd do anything to avoid, because you don't care for the person you're working with, then it's time to find yourself another job.   Because writing should be something you WANT to do.  Telling yourself stories; taking yourself to places you want to be. 
King Aslan cared for
C.S. and vice versa.
   C.S. Lewis loved Narnia because he got to meet new people as well as meet up with old friends.  Also, like the Pevensy kids, Diggery, Polly and Jill, and Eustace,  he likely missed Aslan when he had to leave, too. 
    Imagine what it would have been like if C.S. (or 'Jack' as he liked to be called)  had felt about the four Pevensy kids (Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy) or even Eustace, the way agatha treated Poirot.  He would have had Aslan just chuck the kid back in the ocean and told him, "Find your own way home, ya whiney brat!"   Thankfully, though'Jack' cared, because he knew Aslan cared and even loved Eustace.  Because of that love and patience, shown to him by Edmond, Lucy and most of all, the noble mouse, Reepeecheep, (and the lesson of having become a dragon) Eustace faced himself,  realized what a pest he had been, and became a help to Caspian and the crew. 

   As a READER, it's no contest. If I had to choose whether to read the chronicles of Narnia or the murdering hostility of 'dame agatha'  , CS Lewis would be the easy winner by a planet's distance and back again.  However, since I've met Poirot through the series,  I feel compelled, as would anyone who'd seen someone abused,  to try to help them.  I honestly WANT to save Poirot from the evil that was done to him by Bitch Christie. 
While much good has been done by the writers of the series,  the two facets of Poirot's life were scarred by her apathy;  his never having a love story, and his last days.  

     For his part, Kevin Elyot did what good he could do, and I love him for it.  I hope to be able to add to the good he did.  That is, if I don't talk myself out of writing and chuck the whole project.  Then again, that's a lot of story notes. Five books full at least.  So, I'll spend the rest of the day working on chapter two of  "Now and Forever" .  It's stopped raining and I need the fresh air.  
Attention: agatha loyalists;
Answer the question in this photo-post

    In the meantime,  if you
are reading this post an an
agatha fan/loyalist, would
you be willing to read the quote and question and
answer it for me.  Seems
agatha christie loyalists are as close-mouthed on their literary 'god's abuse of her own creation as Jehovah's Witnesses are, on the issue of child sex abuse within their ranks.
   Well, EX-JW's are speaking up at least. Any chance agatha followers will 'wake up' to the sins committed by their leader against one of her own?