Sunday, 6 August 2017

Agatha's Antagonism and Historic Perspective

Take a wild guess!

 For MONTHS now, I have been on an an Anti-Agatha tirade /snit/crusade/rant.... call it what you will.  Personally, TIRADE is a more apt description for how I feel,  though SNIT might seem a bit more harmless.  On the other hand, I'm not sure I want to be harmless where this situation is concerned.  

       It's IMPORTANT to consider, here, that Agatha Christie lived through not just one but TWO  (count 'em;  1. 2)  world wars. Both World War 1 and World war 2,  to avoid any confusion. The first Poirot novel,  Mysterious Affair at Styles was written a couple of years into start of the first world war, in fact.  So this woman knew about war from first-hand experience.  
   That said, when you think about all the horrific things that happen during war;  death toll; off and on the 'field of battle' and the despotic 'stars'  of these conflicts, who parade themselves and their intentions for radio audiences to hear  and newspaper journalists to write about,  how is it that the biggest annoyance in Agatha Christie's life wasn't Hitler,  Mussolini or Stalin, but a Belgian detective?   

   Seriously, Agatha?  SERIOUSLY!?!  

   So, the Holocaust;  hearding millions of civilians into extermination camps, where they ended up being gassed  to death or burned alive, at the behest of one dictator,  and the starvation of millions of others, via the intentions of another mass murderer.... these atrocities aren't supposed to amount to much when weighed against the compulsive symmetrical organizing of mantle-piece knick-knacks or the  'Order and Method'  precision of looking at the evidence in a given murder case.  Because, hey! Worse coming to the worst I know I'd sooner have my house reduced to rubble by the German Air Force rather than endure having  my kitchen or even desk re-organized according to size and item. 
   In case you can't tell, I am being VERY sarcastic! ๐Ÿคฆ

         "Why, oh Why did I EVER create this Bombastic, Detestable little creature?"   ~  Agatha Christie, re:  Poirot. 
           Whatever Poirot's foibles were, and whatever initiated them, it is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine why such heartless verbal abuse would be leveled against someone who genuinely cared and wanted to do good in the world, as opposed to the self-appointed, megalomaniacal messiahs, who decided that the world was better served by the deaths of millions of people, based on NOTHING those civilians, themselves did.    
    The situation I just described, THIS is DETESTABLE , or  "Deserving of Intense dislike" . (Oxford Dictionary of current English 2001)  .  

 Could Poirot be annoying?  Sure. Frustrating?  Ask Japp. He could tell you stories.  Then again, if you remember The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, it was JAPP who initiated the reunion.  It was he who asked Poirot to help out in the investigation and it was Japp who, at the beginning of The Big Four, wrote out the memoriam notes.  

  Now,  I'm sure, if you're a Christie loyalist reading this, you will counter with, "It wasn't like that in the book."   That may well be, but Miss Marple was included in a few movies where she wasn't even added in the book. (Towards Zero, The Sittaford Mystery) .  At the end of the day, it's adapting fiction from fiction.  

   And, speaking of fiction, I guess what I want/NEED to find out, (if there's even an answer to this question),  is ; WHY Agatha had MORE of a problem with a fastidiously tidy but kind-hearted Fictional Belgian detective than with three real life mass murderers? 

*"Bombastic" .  *"Detestable".    Look them up!  These words describe Hitler, alone,  to a T.  Mel Brooks as much as summed up the butchering bastard's self-aggrandizement in song;
   ๐ŸŽถ" Heil Myself. Heil to Me..."๐ŸŽต    And yet,  'Dame Agatha'  prefers to use such *negative superlatives*  against someone who would never do her any harm versus someone who would drop a bomb on her house without so much as a half a second of remorse.  
   My 'little grey cells' are boggled here, so if someone in the Pro-Agatha camp could help, by solving this most baffling mystery, it would be gratefully appreciated. 

  Note 2 Agatha Christie:  You didn't need to VENERATE Hercule Poirot, Ms. Christie,  but he didn't deserve to be VILIFIED either! ๐Ÿ˜ข